Words Fail Series - Concert #1

Thursday 11 May 2017 // 7:30pm


Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts // Main Performance Space


Beat Furrer // Auf tönernen fussen

Patricia Alessandrini // Wie bin ich froh!

Anton Webern // 3 Lieder nach Gedichten von Hildegard Jone Op. 25

Rottle/Reardon-Smith // Garbage Island

Patricia Alessandrini // Spento e gia in me l'ardore

Beat Furrer // Aria


The magnificent voice of Australian soprano Jessica Aszodi (Chicago-based) joins Kupka’s Piano for a concert of barely uttered phonemes, quietly violent separations, and dramatic arcs of sound.

Beat Furrer’s Aria traverses the line from intimate attachment to complete isolation. Based on a scene from an Austrian radio play, in which a jilted woman cries out bitterly and cuttingly after her lover, the work treats the voice almost as an instrument on par with the rest of the ensemble as the singer struggles to release her song. Only once she is free of her attachment does the singing voice appear.

Also on the program are works by Patricia Alessandrini – one of the most important young voices in European composition today – and Anton Webern – also important, but a little older – and a premiere of Jodie Rottle and Hannah Reardon-Smith’s collaborative lament for our polluted oceans, Garbage Island.

Concert run time approx. 70 minutes, no interval. 

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