False cognate

Words Fail Series - Concert #3

Friday 15 December 2017 // 7:30pm


Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts // Main Performance Space

Gyorgy Ligeti // Horn Trio

Simon Steen-Andersen // Beside Besides

Dan Thorpe // [ false cognate ]

Samantha Wolf // New Work

Brian Ferneyhough // Flurries


Guest horn player Deepa Goonetillike – Brisbane-born and Frankfurt-based – joins Kupka's Piano to present works that resolve to mutual outcomes despite their unlikely differences. With its title taken from Australian composer Dan Thorpe's 2016 work [ false cognate ] for amplified bass flute and electric guitar, the final concert in Kupka’s ‘Words Fail’ series explores the breakdown of verbal communication and comfort found in unfamiliar situations.

György Ligeti's Horn Trio is subtitled as an "Hommage à Brahms" after the old master’s work for the same unusual instrumentation (French horn, violin, and piano). Ligeti’s Trio highlights a mix of influences that assisted the composer in emerging from a crippling writer's block, including ironic distorted motifs, rhythms influenced by polymetric African music, and the sonic challenges presented by matching the equal-tempered piano with the natural-tempered horn.

While Brian Ferneyhough's Flurries is written for sextet, the ensemble is grouped into three intricate and contrasting duos that gradually morph into two antiphonal trios, attempting to converse with each other in different textural languages.

The program will also feature an exciting world premiere by young Australian composer Sam Wolf.

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