Review of "Giants Behind Us"

There was no trembling in the air in this concert. These were strong, confident statements of musical futures for all concerned, composers and performers alike.

Our concert last Friday night was a great success - it is incredibly encouraging as an emerging professional ensemble to enjoy sell-out crowds at each of our first two concerts of our inaugural series! We are all terribly grateful to our many friends and supporters who were there on the night, and also to those who could not make it. Particular mention of the Judith Wright Centre must of course be made - their amazing support over the course of 2013 is making our concert series not only possible, but also presented professionally with added flair.

We were fortunate enough to receive this wonderful review from Jocelyn Wolfe, published on new music blog Partial Durations (a joint project between Matthew Lorenzon and RealTime), which is so evocative it made me relive the entire evening. Well worth reading if you happened to miss out this time around, or if you were there and would like to delve deeper into the ideas behind the program and the music itself.