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Modern French Masters

Grisey, Boulez, Brisbane

Date: 7.30pm, Friday 5 October 2012 Where: Music Rehearsal Room, Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, 420 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane Ticket: Full $20 | Conc $10 Bookings: Phone: (07) 3872 9000 or Online:

The newly formed Kupka’s Piano puts two modern French masterpieces tête-à-tête in this enthralling concert of new music entitled Grisey, Boulez, Brisbane. Get lost in the vast sonic landscape of Grisey’s Taléa (1986) and the frenetic filigree of Boulez’s Dérive I (1984). Expose yourself to the latest experiments in art music: three world premiere performances of new works by emerging Brisbane composers Peter Clark, Liam Flenady and Michael Mathieson-Sandars. Come enjoy some sounds and ideas rarely heard in Brisbane! To find out more see the NMN website HERE.

The Repertoire:

Pierre Boulez' Dérive I (1984): "Dérive" translates roughly as “derivative”; the piece is derived from the two compositions Répons (1981) and Messagesquisse (1976/77). The “derivative” is also a sequence of variations “on the name Sacher”. Six chords build a circular rotation, which mimic the structure of the piece, but also soften it. (Description from Universal Editions page.)

[youtube=] Gérard Grisey's Taléa (1986): "Talea", in Latin, means "cut". In medieval music, the term refers to a repeated rhythmic pattern on which is grafted a configuration of heights repeated or not coinciding with the first and the so-called "color". In the 20th century, we find this dissociation between pitch and duration. [youtube=]