samantha wolf

Associate Artist

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Samantha Wolf is an Australian composer, sound artist, and arts administrator. A graduate of the Queensland and Melbourne Conservatoriums, and the recipient of numerous awards, her music has been described as ‘haunting’ (XS Entertainment), ‘enigmatic’ (Blue Curtains) and ‘affecting’ (Partial Durations). Samantha’s practice encompasses solo, chamber and orchestral works, collaborations, noise and speech-based works, electronics, and tape. She draws inspiration from diverse sources, including philosophy, sociology, and scientific and physical phenomena. She is fascinated with giving voice to the intangible, finding beauty in chaos, and understanding the illogical or contradictory. Samantha’s music has been performed and broadcast around Australia, the United States and Europe, and her writings have been published by Resonate and Rehearsal Magazine. When not composing or attending concerts, Samantha can be found running along the Merri Creek trail, or curled up with podcast or non-fiction book.